Top 5 Secrets to Creating More Shareable Content

Top 5 Secrets to Creating More Shareable Content | Dallas SEO and Social Media Company

Did you know that each day, about two million blog posts are created, and along with it hundreds of millions of photos, status updates, and videos? A lot of new businesses think that their following will grow just by simply writing fresh content, but in reality, it takes much more than that, as more competition gets added to the noise on a daily basis.

In today’s marketing and media climate, it’s important for you to create content that stands out from the crowd. Generate content that is incredibly shareable, so that it will generate more shares, boost your traffic, and ultimately, increase your bottom line.

Content will always be king. But the king has to be able to command respect so that people will listen to what he has to say, right? He has to crack a few jokes, woo the audience, and get them in the mood. He has to work the audience by relating to them.

Strong execution combined with creativity are in. Create content that represents your brand, your personal touch – the thing that makes you… YOU! Get actionable tactics from your Dallas SEO and social media company.

1. Competitive research is key

This is one of the simplest ways to create shareable content. Emulate what has worked for other brands in your niche. Take a good look at what’s currently getting shared by observing the trends. Do some spying, and you’ll discover what content your target audience wants to see.

2. Tell a story

Write posts with strong storytelling content. Telling a story will help your audience see themselves in a particular situation, see its relevance in their lives, and relate to your product or service. Your story should be mapped out clearly without gaps. It should be simple to follow. Introduce a problem, the solution your business can give, and how your potential customers can take action.

3. Help your potential customers solve their problems with SEO

You can discover what your audience finds informative and useful through keyword research. SEO will help make sure that your audience is kept interested and they are sharing your content with others. SEMRush and MOZ are great tools that can help you come up with relevant topics. It lets you see how often people are searching for a given topic and provides you with a list of related keywords, helping you craft more robust content.

4. Appeal to the values of your audience

Creating content that highlights the values of your audience is another way of encouraging them to share. Your audience wants to feel that you care and that the values of your company align with theirs. What would your target audience care about? What content have you posted that your audience has made a connection with?

5. Make your content useful

A study conducted by The New York Times reveals that 90 percent of users will consider the usefulness of your content before hitting the ‘Share’ button. Offer value to your content. It could be actional steps they could take. Or it could make them laugh. It’s in our nature to share what’s helpful to our family and friends – it may be a new way to clean your car or a cool coupon.

Craft something that you personally would share yourself, and you’ll be on the right track. If you need help in creating content that encourages people to spread your message and is optimized for sharing, feel free to get in touch with D6 Interactive, your Dallas social media company.