3 Sources of Social Media Marketing Content

As previously discussed here on the D6 Interactive blog, the social media content you're posting is just as critical to your success as the number of followers or likes you have.

But where can you find engaging content and links that not only speak directly to your target market, but are also likely to be retweeted, shared and disseminated throughout the community of prospective customers?


First things first, if your company hasn't done so already, I highly recommend creating a Pinterest account for your brand. Pinterest, in addition to other social networks, has been shown to have a positive impact on your overall SEO.

Sure, Pinterest is great for building SEO and engaging your target market, but it also gives you easy access to millions of pinners - many of who are already combing the web for compelling links to share on their boards.

Use keyword searches to find prospective customers, members of your target market and even other industry pros and start following their boards. With every login on the main Pinterest.com, you can now keep your eyes open for relevant content and links that are likely to gain traction on your other social networks.


Beyond being an outstanding social network for more business-minded professional and SEO-conscious brands, LinkedIn is another great source of social media content. With the "Pulse" right at the top of your dashboard once you log in, you have instant access to relevant links and industry news that's ripe to be shared on your brand's social media pages.

Industry Briefs

No matter your company's area of focus, between SmartBrief, MultiBriefs and other online publishers, your industry is sure to have its own brief. Industry briefs are small, daily or weekly eBlasts that cater to specific trade or industry.

Often sponsored by trade associations, these free briefs deliver news, updates and articles that are relevant to both you and your company directly to your inbox.

Between these three sources, you're sure to find a bevy of news, blogs and links that appeal directly to your audience - but don't discount the importance of linking back to your own blog posts, press releases or deals, discounts and coupons!