4 Tips for Creating Your Brand Voice

"Create a "voice" for your company that reflects your brand. This voice should be applied to all written communication and incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials, online and off. Is your brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy?"

The definition of your brand's voice, simply and eloquently put by Entrepreneur.com.

Your brand's voice is very simply the tone of your copy, content, advertising and marketing. In order to expertly identify and develop your voice or tone, you must first more clearly define your audience - who are you writing to?

Defining your target market can be much easier said than done.

Do you really know your customer? Do you know what other websites they're visiting? What blogs they read? Where they live and shop? What other Facebook pages they like? All these are important questions when it comes to creating a customer profile for members of your target market.

Outside of hiring a private investigator (Note: Sorry, one of the few services D6 does not offer), you may not get to know your exact customer, but there are plenty of tricks and tools that can help you paint a picture of your audience.

Check Out the Competition

Who are your competitors engaging? Who are their ads targeting? Who's commenting on Facebook status updates and retweeting their tweets? Examining your competitors? fans can help you identify your own audience and even assist you creating a tone/voice that speaks to a different, niche market.

Look at Your Current Fans

What habits and characteristics to these current customers or fans exhibit? How can those relationships be enhanced to foster an increased sense of brand loyalty? Can we turn those customers into brand advocates and ambassadors to new prospective customers?

"What's Your Problem?"

This goes hand-in-hand with more specifically defining your goods and services. What solution do your products help customers discover? How can you better help with that problem and expand your market?

Taking these actions should help you more clearly define your target market and, in turn,develop a brand voice that effectively speaks to these people. From social media posts to eBlasts to web content and trade show collateral, a consistent and engaging brand voice and tone can go a long way in developing loyalty among brand fans and creating customers for life . D6 Interactive a full-service Dallas marketing agency that can help you build your brand across various channels. Contact us or request a quote today

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