Step Up Your SEO Game During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Step Up Your SEO Game During the Covid-19 Pandemic | Dallas SEO | D6 Interactive

The Covid-19 pandemic is a stressful time, to say the least. No industry is untouched, and the crisis is affecting consumer mobility, search behavior, budgets, and consumption habits.

The news of coronavirus has changed the shopping behavior of one in three consumers. A recent poll shows that about 40 percent of internet users in the United States are avoiding malls and shopping centers.

PPC has seen a reduction in budget. However, SEO is seeing a substantial increase. For instance, brands like Dailyburn are seeing a massive surge in organic search visibility.

This is a great time for content and SEO marketers to step up their game, creating content that builds their brands long term and drives conversions. People are searching online more than they ever have before.

Whatever the economic climate is, SEO is a wise, cost-efficient investment – especially during economic downtimes. When consumers are making a buying decision, you want your brand to always be top of mind for searchers.

Here are some tips from D6 Interactive, your local Dallas SEO company.

1. Create more content that builds trust

Last March, Forrester released a report to assess how Covid-19 has influenced consumer sentiment. According to the report, “Consumers are less optimistic that people and companies will follow through on the promises they make.” A study from Conductor strongly suggests that your focus should be delivering educational content. The study found that 40 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand a week after reading their educational content.

In a time of crisis, educational content will strengthen brand trust, affinity, and conversions. With a lot of uncertainty going on, people want relevant, helpful answers. You want to write content that answers their questions.

2.  Take charge of your web presence

Users will more likely click on your content as you build more trust. This is why being proactive in managing your web presence will pay off during these times. Inaccurate or dated information will not only confuse, but may hurt your audience.

Here are some tips for managing your web presence.

  • Update your Google My Business page. Let your audience know about changes to your operations such as business hours, contact information, and business description. What’s going on with your business? Are your operations directly affected by the crisis? Provide updates.
  • Update your schema. By doing this, you are making sure that users only see the latest information about your company from Google.
  • Check Google Search Console. Checking web traffic is one of the ways you can determine whether or not the demands for your business has shifted. Keep an eye on declines or spikes in traffic, as this information can help you identify what is important to your customers.
  • Use search data. To understand search in tent, monitor coronavirus-related topics that are relevant to your business or niche.

3. Take a closer look at your upcoming content

Your business wants to show compassion and empathy during this time of crisis. You don’t want to appear tone-deaf to your customers! Have a heightened awareness to consumer sensitivities. During this time of crisis, SEO should be more than just the technicalities of it – it should also be about being the voice of the consumer.

Good examples of brands that have adapted to the crisis are:

  • KFC – postponed its ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ campaign
  • Coors Light – pulled its ‘Official Beer of Working Remotely’ ads
  • Hersheys – stopped its ‘Hugs and Handshakes’ ads

As more and more consumers are looking for answers to brands that they trust, getting your content featured at the top of a Google SERP is very essential. Remember, trust is a very valuable commodity during these changing and unprecedented times.

If you want to strengthen your brand’s reputation, be sure to keep your content, site, and messaging relevant, continue to write SEO-friendly content on topics that are suitable to your audience, and be sure to audit your content while keeping extra mindful of your messaging.

Need help in creating optimized, relevant content during these changing times? Feel free to get in touch with us at D6 Interactive, your local Dallas SEO company.


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