Senior Web/UI Designer for Creative Agency

Full-time position available for a SENIOR Web/UI designer for our digital creative agency. D6 Interactive is a small creative service agency based in the United States serving clients all over the world. Our primary service is website design for clients and pride ourselves on our design & code working together for modern user experiences. We have just celebrated our 9th year in business.

Creativity and design are at the core of our DNA. Clients come to us to start or refresh their brand, their website, and to build creative digital experiences. Our next chapter in our brand is to become a vision leader in the creative digital space while building unique and modern digital web experiences.

We are looking for a hard-working, passionate, and honest website/UI designer to work alongside our passionate digital team.

You are:

  • Creative and passionate about being a designer
  • Responsible and serious about your job
  • Have at least (5-7) years of website/UI design experience
  • Dedicated to meeting client needs
  • Excited about joining our team!


You will be responsible for creating:

  • Complete, comprehensive Website Design and Re-Designs for Clients
  • Comprehensive UI designs (and UX suggestions) for clients on new sites and re-designs
  • Provide multiple design concepts for each client and Design Internal Pages
  • Ideally, you can design logos, illustrations, and other various graphics needed for clients


Please Provide us With:

  • Your design portfolio. It can be Dribbble, Behance, a DropBox folder, or all of the above. We want to see the work you've created, please include your latest work as well.
  • You should have a great portfolio that showcases modern website re-design and strong visual skills.
  • Your desired starting salary that you feel is fair for your skillset and keep you motivated, with the idea in mind that we are small company and salary will have to be one of the primary factors in our decision.
  • Any other note/message for us to consider!

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Anything else you want to share with us while we review your application?

Although web design is the lead reason we are are hiring, can you (and are you wanting to) do any of the following?

I can design logos and branding
I can do custom illustrations
I can do motion graphics/animation
I can code a design to a custom WordPress theme
I can code HTML/CSS

If you are not selected for a full-time position, are you interested in freelance projects with us?
(i.e. designing a home page, or doing a logo, etc.)