WordPress Development Example

We recently launched our client's new site with a robust custom WordPress theme and many Content Management System (CMS). A unique feature of this site is that it has a 'sub-themes' where the client has the capability to upload content to sub-blogs.

The client is Birthday Express and they have many theme party ideas and items for sale. The site has different party themes built in and the admin can add new blogs/themes with custom colors, logos, and content.

Here is the homepage with themes - all unique & customizable blogs or "mini-themes" within the site. 


Very easy to add/edit/manage these themes in the admin! 


Here is a landing page of the "Angry Birds" party theme:


We created the ability to add an Interactive Image, where the user can put their mouse over a specific area of the image or "hotspot" and a pop-up with more detail and a link to purchase the item appears.


Here is a look at how we created the ability for the admin to easily add a hotspot anywhere on ANY image!


WordPress is the go-to web platform that can be customized to any client request to manage content. Get in touch with D6 Interactive today to start your project!