Website Design Trends for 2019

With the new year comes new web design trends. A lot of things change every year in terms of algorithm updates, popularity with visuals, and best practices. Needless to say, staying on top of the web trends is essential to the success of your website.

A website that looks trendy and sleek today may be considered cheesy and outdated in a few months. This is why understanding the difference between a passing fad and a trend in the industry is very crucial when designing your website. Of course, you want to ensure that your website will look great for many years.

This year will be all about delivering on the user experience. We at D6 Interactive, your website design agency in Dallas, believe that having a creative website design and providing an amazing user experience is not just about being unique -- they are expected.

The web design trends will be all about eye-catching yet simple designs, mobile design and speed, micro-animations, and more.

1. Speed – How much time do you think you can get to make a great impression with a potential customer? You have LESS than three seconds. In fact, with the Google Speed Update, Google has started prioritizing ranking for websites that load faster than others.

Yes, speed needs to be a design parameter.

2. Flat designs – Clean and simple sites are more popular recently due to its better mobile performance. More and more users and taking advantage of mobile search, and mobile-first design is now a necessity.

Flat designs or clean, minimalistic designs help a site fulfil the speed requirements of search engines. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a site is reduced to two dimensions. Just think beauty and minimalism. Go with a design aesthetic that is uncluttered, with crisp and clean edges, bright colors, and lots of open space. It’s a refreshing change.

3. Micro-animations – micro-animations are a subtle, yet noticeable trend. They are a powerful way to give a satisfying and intuitive web experience to the user. Small animations pave the way for the user to understand the site better. This is validated when they hover or click on an element. The menu might expand when they click on the hamburger, or the button might change when the cursor moves over it.

Take your web design to the next level

This year, web interactions are expected to become more seamless. Are you ready to take your website (and your business) to new heights? We at D6 Interactive, a website design agency in Dallas, can do just that! Contact us today.