Web Design: Creating Images that Attract Your Target Audience

Dallas Web Design: Creating Images that Attract Your Target Audience | D6 Interactive

The majority of online searches are visual in nature. Why? People want images over text because it’s easier to get your message across visually. People remember the messages from images longer, they understand images faster, and our brains are wired to choose to believe what we see.

They say that an image is worth a thousand words. However, your audience doesn’t want or need a thousand words! They need the right words, coupled with the right images, to tell a story that resonates with what they want. 

Take advantage of this search trend and design great images that will appeal to your target audience. It’s not enough to just put text on an image and call it a day. You can do much better!

Let us at D6 Interactive, your Dallas web design company, show you how.

1. Be conscious of symbolism

When choosing images, it’s best to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the photo open to misinterpretation?
  • Is the photo delivering the message you intend to convey?

A powerful image will talk to us in a symbolic level. It is an image that will provide us with information by association and intuition. Humans naturally are associative beings. We get meanings through visual cues.

So, the next time you choose an image for a copy, take into consideration not only the message you want to convey, but how you want people to feel.

2. Emphasize not only a product, but an experience

Some of the most effective ads online deliver the desired outcome by using images that invites the viewer to experience the outcome. Take a look at this example from ModCloth. Looking at the picture, doesn’t it make you want to relax on a hammock, in a cozy cabin?

Home Chic Home | Dallas Web Design: Creating Images that Attract Your Target Audience | D6 Interactive

Image credit: ModCloth

What experience do you think your audience will find relatable? What images will resonate with their desired experiences?

Do not simply focus on selling your product, emphasize the experience. Use images not just to make readers see your words. Make them feel it.

3. Tell a story

Search online, and you will find tons of uninspired visuals. You have the opportunity to stand out! Go beyond advertising your products’ benefits or features. Personalize your images by selecting ones that fit in with the story you want to convey to your audience. Really, you don’t need to spend a fortune; just carefully choose images that really say something about your brand.

Need help in creating visually-compelling images? Turn to us at D6 Interactive, your Dallas web design company. We can provide you with high-quality content and the right images that is sure to attract your target audience!


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