Top Keyword Research Tools

A lot goes into building an online business. From website development and content creation to marketing and promotion, there are enough tasks to keep you busy 24/7. While there’s probably a lot on your mind right now, one crucial aspect that you shouldn’t neglect is finding the right keyword research tools. That way, you can get an accurate idea of how people are looking for your products or services and what you should do to meet their needs.

At D6 Interactive, a Dallas SEO agency, we’re always on the lookout for the best and latest marketing hacks. Here are three keyword research tools that are sure to make your life easier.


Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is perhaps one of the best and most comprehensive keyword research tools out there. Although it’s primarily designed for advertising, you can also use it to research organic keywords that you can target in your content.

One of the great things about Google’s tool is that it gives traffic forecasts and search volume rates for your target keywords. That way you can get an accurate sense of how your key phrases are performing and whether they’re worth the effort.

Ultimately, you need to keep in mind that the Keyword Planner is a specialized tool for advertisers. As such, you shouldn’t rely solely on it to do your research.


Answer the Public

This is an excellent alternative if you don’t have the funds to invest in an expensive keyword research tool. Answer the Public is a free website that generates possible search queries based on Google and Bing’s auto-suggest results and your target keywords. The system will split your search into three categories: Questions, Prepositions, and Alphabetical. If you scroll down the page, you’ll find a beautiful visualization of your results.



KWFinder is another tool that you’ll find very useful in your research. Although it will not give you as many suggestions as the other research tools out there, it has the great advantage of accurately calculating your keyword difficulty based on trustworthy SEO stats.

With KWFinder, you can determine the effort needed to rank high for a specific keyword. It also shows search volume trends in a neat visual style.

Whichever of these tools you’re planning to use with your keyword research, it might be best to think again before venturing into the world of keyword research with no weapon and no experience at hand. Is it really worth it to do it yourself or should you leave it to the experts?

At D6 Interactive, a Dallas SEO company, we can take care of your keyword research and all other SEO-related needs in an efficient, professional manner. Minimize the risks and let our experts help your business in generating an impressive ROI.