Tips on Improving the User Experience: Emotionally Rewarding Your Users

Everyone wants some sort of payoff for the effort they put into things. This is very true for the websites people browse. You might say that getting the service or the product the business is selling is the payoff, and it can most certainly be. However, you can also give emotional rewards into just any aspect of your website.

Curious on how you can use web design to create an emotional response? Here are some tips from D6 Interactive, your Fort Worth web design specialists:

1. Connection

This is the big old foundation for Web 2.0. The huge popularity of apps and tools designed to help people connect is impressive, compared to anything else on the internet. The “human touch” is still very important to users. People are naturally social and desire to connect with other people. Today, you can provide interaction and connection on just about any site with social features.

To build a connection with your users, let your personality shine in your web design. Give your brand a personality and a voice, and integrate it into even the tiniest details of your website. Some examples are integrating a personal chatbot or an AI assistant.

2. Efficiency and Convenience

Things like difficulty navigating, slow loading speeds, unhelpful or irrelevant searches are some of the reasons why customers report that a site has a negative user experience. Some would claim that they are willing to pay more on a business that offers a better website.

Be aware of how every web design alteration would affect how your users interact with your content. It is best to stick with simplicity – like clear call-to-actions and concise navigation tabs.

3. React and Reward

Whether it is a piece of candy, a customer and a special discount, or a dog and a bone, everyone is highly motivated when there’s a reward at stake. A study by HelloWorld reveals that more than 60 percent of customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that have a reward program in place. In fact, online shoppers are more motivated to share their personal information if they are rewarded with significant benefits.

Yes, the way your website makes your customer feel will directly impact their perception of your brand and their actions. Through effective web design, you can influence their emotional response and experiences. A well-thought of, beautiful, and balanced webpage that uses creative UI will immediately create a good impression on your users. To know more about how to offer personalized experiences through your website, get in touch with us at D6 Interactive, your Fort Worth web design specialists.