Quality Over Quantity” & 3 Keys for Social Media Marketing

“How can I get more Facebook likes?”

“What can I do to increase my Twitter followers?”

These are the questions many companies are asking when it comes to Social Media Marketing. But what many don't realize is that with social media, it truly is Quality Over Quantity.

Instead of focusing on getting more Facebook or Twitter followers, try engaging the ones you already have. While there's certainly nothing wrong with setting campaign benchmarks and objectives, getting more Facebook fans shouldn't be your sole purpose. Your No. 1 objective should be to tell your brand's story.

Not only does developing an actual relationship with these people turn them into potential customers, it also builds customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of your content being shared by this person – introducing your products or services to other people within their social circle.

Sponsored stories, promoted tweets, paid  trends. Social networks offer a bevy of advertising options these days, but the branding opportunities available on these platforms shouldn't be overlooked.

Though you may not have the budget to run a sponsored Tweet campaign or organize a sponsored Facebook post push – what you can do is ensure that your company's social media marketing efforts present a strong, unified image and voice across various platforms.

Your brand's voice and the tone used in copy on your website, marketing collateral, branding pieces, social media, etc. should be strong and consistent across all media.

As a full service marketing agency in DFW, D6 Interactive has the experience and skill to help your business meet all of your social media marketing goals in 2014, from graphic design and branding to campaign management and daily content updates.

What You'll Need to Succeed

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Graphics
  • Engaging Content