Bring Your Brand to Life

We understand all the hard work and planning that goes into launching your company, creating your logo and keeping your brand fresh. We work with you on finding your identity, building your brand and developing your business.


Create a Logo That Announces Your Brand Has Arrived

We can create a coat of arms for your company that demands attention. Give our creative team your specifications and colors you'd like to see integrated into the designs and we'll take it from there.


D6's Logo Design Process

It's time to get to work. The D6 creative team will meet with you to learn the ins and outs of your brand.

What's your message? Who's your target market? What's your mission statement? What logos do you like? What logos do you hate? What colors help define your brand?

Armed with a Creative Brief from the Discovery Stage, we roll into the Design Stage – creating various concepts and sketches for your brand.

The most critical phase of logo design, D6's talented artists will look to capture the essence of your brand's past, present and future in a timeless logo design.

This is where you come in. Feedback is essential in the creative process. Tell us what design elements you like in the design, or where you'd like to see the design pivot in another direction.

Through two rounds of revisions, you'll be ready to unveil your new stunning logo to the world.

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