SEO Trends in 2018

Change is perhaps the only thing constant in search engine organization. As users’ behavior evolve and change, so does Google’s algorithm.

2017 was an exciting year for marketers worldwide. They’ve seen an increase in cross-channel marketing, mobile usage, and voice search. Small businesses are now wondering what they can expect from 2018. D6 Interactive, a Dallas SEO Company explores what the New Year has in store for you.


1. Video and Image Search is on the Rise

With the rise of video content, online users have become more eager to engage using high-quality images and videos. Not only that, this type of content is extremely appealing, as consumers have an easier time digesting it than they do with the written word.

Google and other search engines are expected to follow suit and favor content that includes visual elements, such as images, videos or infographics.


2. Voice Search Is the Next Big Thing

Voice search was a big trend in 2017, and its popularity will only increase in 2018. With the advancements in technology and the launch of products such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, consumers are becoming more and more interested in voice-activated devices.

The rise of voice search can have a dramatic effect on the type of queries people usually make and reshape the way marketers understand the SERP. For example, when users are searching for something on Google from their mobile device, they usually don’t type “how to make chicken parmigiana” because it would take too long. Instead, they use keywords, such as “chicken parmigiana recipe.”

With voice search, on the other hand, people will use complex sentences to search for information.

3. Machine Learning Will Change the Face of Traditional Algorithm Updates

Google is already testing the waters of machine learning with RankBrain, a system they launched a few years back. Alpha, Google’s parent company, is also investing heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) research. Although they haven’t released any official news about the role machine learning will play in their next algorithm updates, small businesses should expect to see a significant influence of AI over search results. For example, instead of regular algorithm updates, Google may use machine learning to tweak their core ranking factors continuously.

With impressive technology advancements on the horizon, 2018 seems to be a challenging and hectic year for small businesses. If you are ready to take your game to the next level, we at D6 Interactive, a Dallas SEO company, can help you stay ahead of the trends and ensure your business is successful no matter what comes its way.


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