Why SEO-Friendly Blog Posts are Important

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You’ve probably asked this question yourself: why is it important to create SEO-friendly blog posts?

The obvious answer is that SEO optimized content can help you boost your search engine ranking and generate traffic. But the reason goes a bit deeper than this, all the way to your bottom line.

In a world where most of our lives happen in the digital space, if prospects can’t find your business online, then it’s as good as dead. It may sound harsh, but it’s the reality under which companies today operate. Therefore, SEO-friendly content means more than ranking high and getting a spike in traffic. It also means making your target audience aware of your business, gaining their trust, and persuading them to choose you over your competitors.

How can you use SEO-friendly content to increase your search traffic? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Include Keywords in Your Meta Title

The title of your blog post doesn’t have to be the same as your meta title, but keep in mind that search engines will show the latter in search results. Make sure to keep it under 66 characters and to include long-tail keywords since they can bring more qualified visitors to your blog.

  1. Improve Your Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a short text (no more than 156 characters) that the search engine shows under the meta title and URL. Although they don’t help your blog from an SEO perspective, meta descriptions can convince prospects that your article is worth reading. Don't forget to include them in your blog posts!

  1. Use Internal Links and Anchor Texts

Your content is a valuable resource. Whenever you post a new article, search crawlers pick it up. In addition, you can always refer to old blog posts and keep visitors engaged. The more time prospects spend on your blog, the higher the chances of converting.

Make sure to write relevant anchor texts that draw the attention of your visitors and make them curious to explore your content.

  1. Avoid Stop Words

SEO professionals have created lists of words that search engines usually ignore. These words only waste space, such as about, before, each, etc. Avoid using them in your page title tags, permalinks and meta descriptions.

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