Partner Services


D6 refers clients to a local hosting and marketing company for hosting, server management and server maintenance. They offer shared hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. Please read the D6 Terms of Service before signing up with any hosting plan.


2Surge Benefits

2Surge offers Shared Cloud Hosting, Virtual Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Cloud Hosting plans for its clients.
The difference in 2Surge’s offerings as opposed to other hosting providers is as follows:

  • 2Surge provide a fully monitored (24x7x365) server platform on which to store both your site’s files AND its associated database
  • PCI Compliance Scanning and Certification (additional costs from 3rd Party PCI company apply)
  • A rotating series of NIGHTLY backups of both your website and database files
  • Constant monitoring of rogue attacks to your site (like “ping of death” and denial of service DOS attacks)
  • Consistent monitoring of uptime for your site in 5 minute increments 24x7x365
  • Highly secured SSL certificates available for sensitive transactions like eCommerce purchases or collection of personal data in a web form (if needed – additional charges apply for each SSL certificate)

Types of Hosting

Shared Cloud Hosting

Perfect for small to medium sized online businesses that want a fail-proof infrastructure for their web property. This plan also comes with enterprise uptime, backup, and monitoring all within a manageable monthly price.

Virtual Cloud Hosting

For medium and larger sized clients, a Virtual Cloud hosting platform enables a dedicated set of resources available ONLY TO YOU. This solution is also VERY SCALABLE to grow as your business needs grow.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

For high-end enterprise computing needs, the 2Surge Dedicated Cloud platform is PERFECT for completely dedicated resources in a cloud-based, fully redundant infrastructure with near 100% uptime reliability.


2Surge will host your site. D6 is simply referring you to a quality provider that has hosted a large number of D6 sites.

Your contract will be with 2Surge. The links above lead to the 2Surge website and your hosting agreement will be with them.

We can deliver your website and site files to you so you can install and deploy it on your own host. If you would like for D6 to deploy your new site on a location besides a 2Surge host, we will charge an $200 installation fee that is in addition to your website estimate price. Keep in mind, if the site goes down in the future on that hosting provider, we will charge hourly to troubleshoot, remove malicious code, and provide any other technical support to get your site up and running on the host again.