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In a digital age such as this, traditional marketing efforts such as broadcasting and print ads may not give your brand the attention that it deserves. Today, search engine optimization, or SEO, is your ticket to visibility in the digital world.

Essentially, the main intention of SEO is to increase the traffic to your website. This, in turn, promotes your brand, and gives higher sales opportunities. This increase in traffic is derived from the search results that search engines pull up when people conduct searches using their tablets, phones, and computers.

For a brief overview of the basics of SEO, watch this video.

There are a lot of misconceptions circling SEO, primarily because the rules for SEO have shifted quite dramatically in the last few years.

If you want to improve your search rankings and get your website search optimized, here are things that you need to take into consideration:

1. Keywords

Initially, the rule for SEO was to beef up a web content on keywords. For a time, people believed that it didn’t matter if the content made any sense - for as long as it was bombarded with keywords that were likely to be searched by potential customers, that was enough to get the search engines to retrieve it and direct the potential customers to that content. These days however, search engines no longer just focus on the keywords, but also on the semantic meaning of the keywords and overall content.

An article from the American Marketing Association advises that while it’s helpful to mention “best restaurants”, for example, it’s even more important to actually talk about dining experiences. (READ: How SEO Can Help Your Marketing Efforts)

And so, the moral of the story? You have to focus on the quality of your content. Editor of Search Engine Watch, Christopher Ratcliff, summed it up perfectly: You have to be writing content for actual human beings, and not merely for search engines.

2. Keyword placing

Aside from optimizing your content, the placing of your keywords must also be optimal.

Keywords must be positioned strategically. An article from gives the tip to make sure to put your keywords in your page title, header, name and alt-tag of your website images, and in the URL of your website and website posts.

3. UX

Search engines, such as Google, pay large attention to experiences of users in navigating a website. In fact, Google actually makes use of site speed as part of their algorithm in setting the distinction between websites worth pulling up and websites that deserve to be ignored.

When it comes to SEO, search engines take into consideration several factors like page load time, usability and search ability of the site, absence of error pages, and many more. These factors point to user experience or UX. If you are striving for SEO, UX is something that you can’t afford to not prioritize.

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True, there are a lot of things to consider when going for SEO. And this is why it’s important to get SEO help when you need it.

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