4 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO

Spend more time with family? Read more books? Run a marathon? The advent of the new year means New Year's resolutions, personal goals and benchmarks meant to get you the results you want.

But what if you applied that same passion and drive towards new goals to your business as well? Updating your website with an engaging, responsive design from the Dallas web design experts at D6 Interactive is a great place to start when looking to improve your SEO - and content marketing can be a valuable tool as well.

In 2013, some businesses watched their links tumble down the Google search results. The cause: Google's Penguin algorithm update. The culprit: poor SEO.

With Google's update, companies who engaged in what is commonly referred to as black hat SEO lost their positions in the top pages of search results. Black hat SEO includes keyword stuffing and inbound links coming less than savory sources.

To balance the equation, the latest Google algorithm update rewards those companies who utilize reputable SEO tactics. So now that you know about the Google update, how can you boost your site's SEO?

While there's no such thing as a magic bullet when it comes to improving your website's position in Google's search results, these are a few quick strategies you can implement to boost your site's SEO. These include:

- Website Updates
- Blogging
- Press Releases
- Social Media Marketing

Regarding Website Updates and Blogging - new content and an updated web design (responsive, flat, parallax, etc.) from Dallas' D6 Interactive can not only improve your SEO, but it can also help boost conversion rates through new calls to action and enhanced user experience. See some of D6?s work here.

Press Releases still serve their traditional purpose (alerting the media of company news, hirings, events, etc.), but in 2014, they can also have a tremendous impact on SEO - helping build valuable back links to your site from reputable news sources like Yahoo! and Business Insider.

While Social Media Marketing remains incredibly vital to branding and customer engagement, networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have become huge factors in determining your placement in Google search results. In a partnership with D6, your brand can go far beyond the image on your cover photo or logo in your profile picture - we can help you find your voice and effectively engage your target market on social media.

With a talented team of web developers and content marketers, D6 can give your company the support it needs in engaging in all of these marketing tactics. Contact D6 to get started today.

Stay tuned to the D6 Interactive blog to learn more about how you can integrate these SEO boosting strategies and web design improvements into your company's online efforts.