How Does Google Indexing Work?

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On average, over 140,000 web pages are published every day, and over 40,000 search queries are entered into the Google search bar every second. When someone enters a question into the search bar, a list of results is shown on what’s called the SERP, or the Search Engine Results Page. How does Google find and rank the trillions of web pages out there in order to serve up the results you see when you type in a query?

Let us at D6 Interactive, the leading SEO company in Dallas, answer this question.

Google uses a process called ‘indexing’ to categorize web pages. The index refers to every web page ever published. A successful site index utilizes a three-step process, sophisticated technology, and complicated algorithms to give the correct answer in the form of a relevant web page.

First, pages are ‘crawled’ by a Google bot or spider to identify web pages that exist in order to help pinpoint the best ones to be evaluated for a query. The bot searches or crawls over web pages, using complicated algorithms to determine which websites to crawl, how often to crawl them, and which pages on the site should be indexed.

Next, the bot processes each page and sorts all of the data into an extensive index. Indexing is the act of adding information about a web page to a search engine’s index. The index is a collection of web pages - a database - that includes information on the pages crawled by search engine spiders.

All of the words the bot sees on the page and the location of the words on the page will determine how the bot indexes the website. This is why keyword placement and SEO strategy are critical for online businesses. The bots will not index a page that doesn’t have optimized keywords and good keyword placement. If the page isn’t organized to Google bot’s liking, it will not ‘serve’ the page.

Serving in Google-speak is when a page shows up on the SERP when someone asks Google a question. If you want your website to rank high on the SERP so your products and services are visible to your target audience,  you need a professional SEO and keyword strategy for your business. Contact the leading SEO company in Dallas, D6 Interactive, and see what our team of digital marketing professionals can do for you.