4 Benefits of Email Marketing

Thanks to smartphones, email has become a 24/7, on-the-go means of communication – in both the personal and professional worlds.

With little cost, email marketing and email newsletters can be powerful tools in both customer retention and putting your brand before the eyes of potential new customers.

One key component of email marketing is the popular email newsletter. A simple online publication created by you and your business, a email newsletter and subscription form on your website can have a host of benefits:

Boosts Customer Loyalty

By offering customers and prospective buyers value in the form of an email newsletter, or eNewsletter, directly in their inbox, you're increasing the likelihood of their returning to your website or storefront.

A successful email newsletter should engage the customer and show them that their relationship with your brand is a two-way street, with you reaching out to them beyond the point-of-sale.

Builds Your Contact List

It might be a small box on the right sidebar of your website, but an email newsletter subscription box can be a powerful tool in building your brand's contact list.

By offering discounts, deals and exclusive content through the newsletter, customers are more inclined to provide you with their email address.

Puts Deals/Discounts Directly in Front of Interested Customers

Building your email subscription off of past customers and website visitors helps you put your deals, discounts and special promotions directly before those customers most inclined to click through, learn more and ultimately purchase your product or service.

Keeps Your Brand Top-of-mind

As mentioned above, smartphones have made email just as accessible as text messages. Beyond a billboard or banner ad, an email newsletter or email marketing piece can be just as effective in nursing an individual along in the buying decision process.

According to Sales Force, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in 2012 based on a promotional email.

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