Why Content Matters in Social Media Marketing

Making use of social media for a company’s marketing efforts isn’t unheard of, especially in a time and age such as this one where communities have stopped being exclusively used to pertain to a locality or residence, but have now become present even online.

Social media is currently being used to reach out to a wide variety of people globally, and not only that - social media is also being used to set up a place where people can regularly interact with each other.

One way to greatly establish customer interaction is through generating content. But content generation is a lot more than just talking about who you are and what you offer. In fact, your content shouldn’t always be about you.

To make content in social media pave way for customer interaction, it should always highlight your customers. Give them content that speaks to them. This makes your content shareable - and before you know it, your content has reached much more than you ever initially intended. The greatest paradigm of social media marketing is this: the more that you make your social media marketing efforts about your customers, the more followers you gain.

Your content should also be clickable. An infographic from entrepreneur.com shows that content with a visual such as an image or a video is much likely to get more views, clicks, and shares.

Another thing to consider when posting content for your social media marketing efforts is making sure that it reaches your target audience. This can be done by taking into consideration the timing and frequency when sharing content.

Timing and frequency are important factors to consider in social media marketing, as there is a fine line between connecting with followers and driving them away.

There are several theories as to how often and when to post content on social media. To get an idea on the best timing and frequencies for the top social media sites, you can check out this Frequency Guide created by eClincher.

Once seen as a trend, a must-have tool to interact with friends, social media quickly became a way of life. Hence, it has become important that brands learn how to engage followers or fans with quality content that is both relevant and meaningful.

Engagement is the lifeblood of social media, so businesses and brands must have a good understanding of their target audience to find fans that will organically advocate or promote your business.

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Image from scribblelive.com