Best SEO Practices to Increase Site Traffic

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With increased site traffic comes higher ranking, better conversion rates, and eventually, more sales. The logic is simple, but putting it in practice, not so much. Not every visitor that lands on your site will convert. Some are at the first stages of the sales funnel and are trying to figure out what they need while others may be looking for an entirely different thing and got there by accident.

So, how can get qualified traffic to your site?

Here are some of the best practices to put in action, as recommended by a professional Dallas SEO company.

Clean Your Backyard

Backlinks are a vital component of any effective SEO strategy that helps you increase your traffic. Be careful, though: if the links you acquire are of poor quality, they can do more harm than good to your website.

Learn how to differentiate the good from the bad:

  • Good links come from relevant sites in the industry. They are contextual, added manually, and come from a site with good domain authority.
  • Bad links come from unrelated or disavowed sources that have been penalized or are in violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Optimize Your Keywords, Content and Metadata

You need to do a thorough keyword research to figure out what phrases your target audience uses when searching online. Use Google’s keyword tool to get suggestions, research ideas, and see what fits your business.

Don't become too obsessed with keywords since metadata and content are equally, if not more, important. Focus on creating high-quality content and writing rich meta data and integrate keywords naturally.

Build a Community

Make it easy for your readers to link to your website by setting up an internal linking system that allows you to connect sales pages to relevant posts within your site. Don't be blunt in asking people to link; the urge should be organic and determined by the quality of your content.

Monitor and Tweak

As with any activity related to your online presence, SEO is not a once-and-done job. It is a process that must be monitored and analyzed constantly. Keep and develop what works and tweak the tactics that don’t deliver the expected results. Be patient, because building organic traffic takes time and should not be rushed.

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