2020 SEO Trends That You Should Know

2020 SEO Trends That You Should Know | Dallas SEO Company | D6 Interactive

Each day, new business are being built, and the competition for the reader’s attention increases. Making sure that your business is updated on the newest SEO trends will ensure that your website is meeting the requirements implemented by search engines to rank websites.

We all know too well that every year, Google creates a myriad of changes to its search algorithms. Even the most minor changes could affect your search engine ranking.

D6 Interactive, your Dallas SEO company, shares some of the SEO trends that you should know.

1. Voice search

“Google, can you find Italian restaurants near me?”

In 2019, 20% of queries are voice searches. In fact, more than 40% of mobile owners use their devices to shop.

Without a doubt, voice search is becoming a growing trend, and we can expect more people to use voice search the same way they type search queries.

2. Zero-click searches

Thanks to Google’s Local Packs, SERP features as featured snippets, Knowledge Graphs, etc., more than 50% of searches are now zero-click searches. What does this mean? Users won’t have to click anywhere; the user’s query is answered on the SERP itself.

What can you do? Pinpoint the keywords that bring you clicks. This way, you can save yourself time and effort optimizing for queries with keywords like “how many,” “when,” “what year,” etc.

3. Local SEO

A lot of “zero-click searches” are now local searches, and the results are revealed on the SERP itself.

What can you do? Cover a huge amount of searches, especially those containing keywords like “address” or “near me” and “phone number,” by creating a Google My Business page for your business.

4. High quality content

High-quality, optimized content has been, and will always be, the lifeblood of SEO. From your linking strategy to your site structure, content affects everything in SEO.

What can you do? Make it your goal this year to have the best content for your niche. It is your way of Google-proofing your business for the future!

When it comes to SEO, we always need to keep our hand on the “pulse,” and learn to constantly adjust our efforts to the hurdles we’re facing in order to provide the best results for our business.

Need help in fine-tuning your SEO this 2020? Do not hesitate; D6 Interactive, your Dallas SEO company, is always here to help.